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Mas Bands vs. J’Ouvert Bands

Caribbean Mas Bands and J’ouvert Bands are two different types of musical and cultural groups that are commonly found in Caribbean carnivals.

Mas Bands (short for Masquerade Bands) are groups that participate in the parade of the carnival, wearing elaborate and colorful costumes. These costumes are usually made up of feathers, sequins, and other decorative materials, and are often designed around a specific theme. Mas Bands often compete with each other for prizes based on their costume design, music, and overall performance.

J’ouvert Bands are groups that participate in the early morning celebrations of the carnival. J’ouvert is a French Creole word that means “daybreak” or “morning”, and the celebration traditionally starts before dawn and goes on until sunrise. J’ouvert Bands usually wear simple t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, and cover their bodies and faces in paint, mud, or oil. They dance through the streets to the sound of steel drums, horns, and other instruments, and often carry flags or banners.

While both Mas Bands and J’ouvert Bands are important parts of Caribbean carnivals, they have different roles and traditions. Mas Bands focus on elaborate costume design and choreography, while J’ouvert Bands celebrate the spirit of revelry and freedom with body painting and music.

MAS Band Member

Feathers and Sequin

Mas Bands often spend months preparing for the carnival, designing and constructing their costumes and practicing their choreography.  Many Mas Bands have their own live bands or DJs who provide the music, and the revelers often perform choreographed dances as they parade through the streets.

The costumes worn by Mas Bands are often made up of feathers, sequins, beads, and other decorative materials. They can be quite large and extravagant, sometimes reaching up to 10 feet in height or more. The costumes are often designed to tell a story or convey a message, and can be inspired by a variety of cultural traditions, historical events, or contemporary issues.

Mobile Costumes

Costume on Wheels

The costumes on wheels that are worn by a single reveler in a parade are commonly called “mobile costumes” or “rolling costumes.” These costumes typically consist of a large, elaborate structure that is built around a wheeled platform, which the wearer is attached to, to move through the parade route.

Mas Band 

Mas Band Members

Focusing on elaborate costume design and choreography,  Mas Bands often compete with each other for prizes based on their costume design, music, and overall performance. In Trinidad and Tobago, for example, there is a highly competitive Mas competition that takes place during Carnival. Mas Bands are judged on a variety of criteria, including the creativity and craftsmanship of their costumes, the quality of their music and dancing, and the overall impact of their performance.

Band Revelers

Pretty In Pink

Focusing in on colorful costume design, colorful costumes are a significant part of carnival parades because they represent the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of the bands that participate in the festivities.  The colorful costumes showcase the creativity, skill, and aesthetic value that serves as a form of cultural expression for those who wear them.

Band Revelers

Ornate Costumes

Focusing in on ornate costume design, they are often highly detailed and elaborate that are decorated with colorful fabrics, feathers, beads, and other embellishments which are an important part of many  carnival celebrations.

J’ouvert Revelers


Even infants, toddlers, and children can be seen dressed up in colorful and intricate outfits, often accompanied by their parents or guardians who are also decked out in whatever kind of festive attire.  In this image J’ouvert attire is characterized by the adult wearing a t-shirt stating J’ouvert on it, shorts, and sneakers while the children are dressed in fancy costumes. Regardless of whether it is a J’ouvert Band or a Carnival Band the sight of children and families dressed up in their creative carnival gear is sure to add to the festive atmosphere of Boston’s Caribbean-American Carnival Celebration.


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