Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston

Boston Carnival


CACAB purposes a long week of carnival celebration. The objective is to provide visitors and residents with a detailed view of all the elements associated with carnival (steel bands, calypsonians, masqueraders, etc) in a manner that is exciting and electrifying. The participatory nature of all the events promotes harmony, cultural awareness, artistry, personal growth, talent and expression through music as well as diversity and community awareness. Three or four judges arrive from Trinidad and Tobago to judge all costume events.



The List of the 2019 Carnival events is as follows:


Dates for CACAB’s Community Meetings:
Please note these meetings are for competing and non- competing bands, elected officials, Jouvert participants, organizations & corporate promotion. The dates are as follows:
  • July 16 – General Info Meeting
  • July 30 – All registration forms & money is due (money order or bank check preferred, cash accepted, ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS)
  • August 6 – Pulling Numbers for Parade Lineup
  • August 13 – General Info Meeting
  • August 20 – Boston Police will be in attendance. These officers will be working with Band Leaders on the road. This is the final meeting. We encourage all participants to attend.
All meetings held at Unity, 10 Dunbar Avenue, Dorchester @ 7pm.
IMPORTANT: You can only register with CACAB using CACAB official forms. No other forms or paperwork will be accepted.
Questions, email
Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.


The purpose of this event is the official kickoff off the upcoming carnival season. The event recognize, award, encourage Corporations, law enforcements and outstanding individuals who have contributed to the success in different forms. Carnival sponsors are presented with awards and citations from the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts in gratitude for their sponsorship dollars and overall partnership to this culture. In addition, civic personnel are recognized for their outstanding support to the carnival culture in diversity and the art form of the Caribbean. Amerijet continues through their belief of the culture to sponsor the corporate Breakfast.




The CACAB Fashion Show

Sunday April 21 Fashion Show

showcasing  Boston Carnival costumes by Boston’s finest Carnival Band Leaders, local Boston designers and entrepreneurs and special guest Riddim Orchestra

Please join us for a fun, filled evening with fashion, costumes, vendors, food, and music. All are welcome!!!


CACAB and Misfit presents:

Saturday June 8th 2019

Boston Carnival Kickoff with MOTTO
at Prince Hall

24 Washington St. Dorchester MA

text 857-228-8573 for tickets




46th Anniversary Gala Saturday coming soon



ECUMENICAL SERVICE Sunday August 11, 2019, Charles Street A.M.E. Church 4:00-7:00pm

Reverend Dr. Gregory Grover of the Charles Street A.M.E. church hosts this spiritual service, which is located on the parade route, Warren Street, Boston. We take this opportunity to give thanks for the spiritual guidance and the many blessings given to us over 8 years. We are gratefully blessed, and highly favored to have achieved success in its many forms. During this event we will reciprocate God’s abundant PEACE and GRACE and ask for His guidance to sustain CACAB for many years to come.


JUNIOR CARNIVAL Sunday August 18, 2019, White Stadium, 12:00-7:00pm

This installment of the carnival highlights our young children in colorful costumes showcasing their various talents. The event is an annual competition which winners are chosen and recognized in each category-King, Queen, Individual Male and Female and the Band of the Year. Each child participating has the opportunity for self-expression, confidence and performing arts.



KING AND QUEEN COMPETITION Thursday August 22, 2019, Cess Recreation Center 6:00-1:00am


This contest is a major component of carnival, as judge’s travel from Trinidad and Tobago to preside over this great event. Competitors compete in the King, Queen, Individual Male and Female categories. The costumes, costly and intricate in design, are judged not only on visual impact, presentation, spirit of carnival, craftsmanship, but also on the portrayal of the 2019 theme.







BREAKFAST AT THE PLAZA Friday August 23, 2019, Boston City Hall. City Hall Plaza, 9:00-11:00am

A group of City Councilors of the city of Boston- Councilor Charles Yancey and Councilor Connolly began the tradition, followed by Councilor Ayanna Pressley and Councilor Tito Jackson in collaboration with the Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston host a meet and greet breakfast the day before Carnival Day. The idea for this event is for city officials to show their appreciation to the organizers, volunteers, judges and official guests from the Mecca for all the hard work they have done and continue to do in preparation for Carnival Day. This effort is to show their diligence has not gone unnoticed.


J’OUVERT Saturday August 24, 2019, Talbot Avenue and Blue Hill Avenue Intersection, 5:30-10:00am

J’ouvert means the breaking of the dawn. It’s an early morning pre-carnival parade beginning at 5:30am in the heart of Boston. Many people from different backgrounds and culture from the community of Boston and beyond meet at the intersection of Talbot Avenue and Blue Hill Avenue. Everyone marches up Blue Hill Avenue dancing and singing to the soca, calypso, and steel band music wearing self made costumes of all types. The J’ouvert bandleaders are exceptionally creative. J’ouvert is really an experience to see and be a part of.



CARNIVAL DAY Saturday August 24, 2019, Franklin Park, 1:00-6:00pm

Carnival Day begins with much anticipation. Many, many individuals from the local community and International community come to celebrate this grand event with family and friends. The parade begins from Martin Luther King Boulevard in Roxbury, off Warren Street. The bands and their masqueraders adorn the street with spectacular colors and sounds that signal the arrival of carnival. The parade proceeds along Warren Street through Grove Hall then on to Dorchester’s Franklin Park with followers in tow. Spectators lined the streets to witness the enormous spectacles as it unfolds. So many children and adults dance the street all day long. You will observe happiness and excitement. Nearly one million people comprised of diversity engage in the day’s festivities, singing and dancing and having a great time.