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There are many reasons why media outlets would want to cover our newsworthy events. For one, the Boston Caribbean-American Carnival has the potential to attract visitors from all over the world, increasing the city’s profile as a cultural destination. The impact of the carnival on tourism, alone, has the potential to boost the local economy and this contributes to the economic development of  our city.

Add to this, the unique flavors and aromas of authentic Caribbean food and drink ranging from Trinidadian Roti to Jamaican jerk chicken with rice and peas to tropical cocktails, sweet breads and traditional sweets. The Boston Caribbean-American Carnival is a family-friendly event that offers something for everyone, from young children to seasoned grandparents. Not to forget the many types of music from Soca to Calypso to Reggae to Steel Pan and more.

Finally, the Boston Caribbean-American Carnival is a feast of the senses that unites people of all backgrounds in celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean. Why would any media outlets not want to cover our newsworthy events?

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