Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston

Boston Carnival

Press Release

BOSTON -Wednesday, July 30th, 2021 –

Our resilient city has suffered many losses due to COVID-19, and we must honor the ones who have passed and celebrate those who are living by igniting and convening the caribbean spirit throughout the city of Boston. The Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston is thrilled to announce that we will be rejoicing in health, culture and fellowship with all masquerades and spectators on August 28th from 1-7 p.m. at Playstead Park in Franklin Park. The Boston Carnival is one of the largest black festivals with over 800,000 participants in attendance and caters to uplifting the diversity and vibrancy of Boston’s West Indian Community. Come unite and reignite carnival season at the Boston’s Caribbean Festival. This event will feature International West Indian Artist, live entertainment, masquerade bands, family activities, food and arts & craft vendors, and so much more. This event is lead by CACAB President, Shirley Shillingford (President), Kenya Beaman (Vice President), Robert George (Treasurer), Michelle Defronzo (Executive Secretary), Ruth Georges (Public Relations Officer) Sam Cedeno, Sonia Clark, Althea Etienne,Eileen Kenner, DJ Smoov, Aminah Nunes, Carl Smith and, Dr. Cal Whitworth (General Board). The board’s success is fueled by the support of the State of Massachusetts, City of Boston, and generous sponsors who committed to elevating the caribbean community. We know the 2021 Carnival season will be one filled with festivities from all across the commonwealth, so we encourage all carnival contributors to come and share the vibes and commemorate this carnival season in unity. We know this announcement may come as a delay but CACAB is committed to working with city and state officials to confirm all event details before sharing this invitation to the community at large. In this spirit of unity, anyone interested in participating as a volunteer, and or vendor to support this season should contact President Shirley Shillingford at or visit to learn more