Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston

Celebrating Carnival in Boston

About Us

The ultimate vision for the Caribbean American Carnival Association is to see the Caribbean community be accepted as an integral part of The American melting pot socially, politically, and educationally. Millions and millions of Caribbean families and individuals have called such states as Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Rhode Island their home and have contributed immensely to the fabric of American society for many years. The vision is to continue to grow and develop as a major part of the American Dream.

Mission Statement

The Primary purpose of the Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston is to provide Caribbean cultural awareness through social, political and educational programming. The organization determination is to provide strong leadership, accountability, collaboration, diversity, quality and integrity in achieving its goals. Throughout its beginnings we were founded for the sole purpose of organizing an annual Caribbean Carnival each year. This group continues to expand its roles to include political, social and educational issues; it has become even more important to demonstrate the organization’s strength by supporting the successful integration of Caribbean immigrants into the economic and professional sectors of the city which ensures financial prosperity for future generations.

Executive Board

President-Shirley Shillingford

Vice President- Kenya Beaman

Treasurer- Robert George

Public Relations & Media Officer – Ruth Georges

Executive Secretary – Michelle Defronzo

Board Members

Dr. Cal Whitworth

Eileen Kenner

Amina Nunez

Clif Dj Smoov Mathurin

Sonia Clark (Band Liaison)

Innocent “Sam” Cedeno

Advisory Board Members 

Councilor Ayanna Pressley, City of Boston – 2009

Clarence Cooper, Unity Sports & Cultural Club – 2000 and past founder

Former State Senator Dianne Wilkerson -2000

Jouvert Chairwoman – T. Dacia Shillinford-Compas

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