About Us

Organization Overview:

The Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston is the largest BIPOC

celebration in the city of Boston and has become the economic boom for many minority owned and operated small businesses in the inner city. Ken Bonaparte Mitchell founded CACAB in 1973 with the support of Mayor Kevin White, and launched the first Boston Caribbean Parade.

Since its establishment it has grown into an enormous event filled with inclusive culture, cross culture costumes, masqueraders, music, steel pan orchestra, entertainers, vendors, a Junior Carnival, a King & Queen Competition, and much more. One of the greatest accomplishments is Boston Carnival Caribbean week, which was signed into law by the State Legislature in 1997. Boston Carnival, like New York West Indian Day Carnival is a celebration of culture like no other; recognized internationally. Annually, we seek sponsors to join our organization in celebrating our rich history, commitment to culture and community.


The Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston (CACAB) mission is to provide Caribbean culture awareness through social and educational programming. We create an inclusive-celebratory space where all cultures are celebrated and to exemplify the value and impact of the West Indian population in the city of Boston. The provides strong leadership, accountability, collaboration, diversity, quality and integrity in achieving its goals. CACAB continues to expand its role to include the social and economic and development of the Caribbean community.

Executive Board

President-Shirley Shillingford

Vice President- Kenya Beaman

Treasurer- Robert George

Public Relations & Media Officer – Ruth Georges

Executive Secretary – Michelle Defronzo

Board Members

Dr. Cal Whitworth

Eileen Kenner

Amina Nunez

Clif Dj Smoov Mathurin

Sonia Clark (Band Liaison)

Innocent “Sam” Cedeno

Advisory Board Members 

Honorable Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, of Massachusetts

Clarence Cooper, Unity Sports & Cultural Club – 2000 and past founder

Former State Senator Dianne Wilkerson -2000

Jouvert Chairwoman – T. Dacia Shillinford-Compas

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